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Touring Queensland Fund April 2021

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Privacy and Eligibility

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Privacy statement

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Please read the following to help in completing this form:

You can find the above documents on the Arts Queensland funding website at:

For general advice on writing funding applications or to download our Funding Application Writing Toolkit visit

Applications must be received by Arts Queensland by 12pm midday on Wednesday 16 June 2021.


To be eligible for the Touring Queensland Fund (TQF) applicants must satisfy a number of eligibility criteria. If you answer No to any of the following questions you MAY be ineligible for TQF funding. If you are unsure if you are eligible for funding you can contact Arts Queensland on 07 3034 4016 and ask to speak to the TQF Arts Investment Officer.

Please refer to the Touring Queensland Fund guidelines for the full list of eligibility criteria.

Do you or your organisation have an Australian Business Number (ABN)? * Required
Are you over 18 years of age or if not has your application been co-signed by your legal guardian? * Required
Have you ever been employed by Arts Queensland? * Required
Current and former employees of Arts Statutory Bodies and the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy should consult the Important Information for Applicants document before applying.

This section is not applicable because of your response to question: "Have you ever been employed by Arts Queensland?" on page 1

If yes, did your employment cease more than six months before applying? * Required
Are you or your organisation based in Queensland? * Required
Is your activity commencing after 11 August 2021? * Required
Do you or your organisation hold current public liability insurance?
Are you requesting less than 100% of the budget? * Required
If you are not requesting 100% answer YES
Can you demonstrate the touring product is from Queensland? * Required
If you are a Brisbane City Council based applicant, does your tour include at least two regional Queensland communities in the tour proposal?
Regional Queensland refers to communities outside the Brisbane City Council boundary.
* Required
If you are a regionally-based applicant, does your tour include at least two Queensland communities other than your own, with at least one of those locations in regional Queensland? Regional Queensland refers to communities outside the Brisbane City Council boundary. * Required
If applying for a residency only, will the residency take place outside the Brisbane City Council boundary? * Required
Have you satisfied all the eligibility criteria as outlined in the guidelines? * Required

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