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Individuals Fund August 2019

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Eligibility check

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To be eligible for funding under the Individuals Fund, applicants must satisfy a number of eligibility criteria. If you answer No to any of the following questions you MAY be ineligible for funding. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact Arts Queensland on 07 3034 4016 and ask to speak to the Individuals Fund Investment Officer.

Please note that this is not a full list of eligibility criteria. Please refer to the Individuals Fund Guidelines for the full list.

Are you applying as an individual? * Required
Do you have an active ABN? * Required
Is your ABN in the name of the applicant as Individual/Sole Trader? * Required
Are you over 18 years of age or can the application be co-signed by a legal guardian confirming
they will take responsibility for managing any funding that may be offered?
* Required
Are you currently living in Queensland? * Required
Have you received Arts Queensland funding before? * Required
If yes, have you satisfied the reporting requirements of any previous Arts Queensland funding? * Required
Are you an Australian citizen or permanent resident? * Required
Do activities to be funded occur 12 weeks after the fund closing date? * Required
Is your funding request less than 100% of the project budget? * Required
Not requesting equipment costs? * Required
Answer YES if NOT requesting equipment costs. See FAQs for more information
Does your proposal clearly align with the objectives of the Individuals Fund? * Required
Answer YES If the activity does align with the objectives of the Fund
Your activities are NOT associated with study or contributing to course assessment at an
accredited educational or training institution in Australia or overseas?
* Required
If they are not associated with study answer YES. Applicants who are students should submit a letter from a relevant supervisor to confirm that their application does not relate to their studies. Short-term courses, workshops or other training that does not contribute to a qualification are eligible.
The proposed activities are NOT the responsibility of a different specialist funding body or
government agency, including filmmaking?
* Required
Answer Yes if your proposed activities are NOT the responsibility of a specialist funding body or government agency.
You are NOT a current or previous employee of Arts Queensland, an Arts Statutory Body or
the Department of Environment and Science?